2 Pack - Smart Click LC Fiber Cleaner | 1.25mm LC Contact Cleaning Pen


2 Pack - Single Action System Fiber Optic cleaning pen for LC/MU 1.25mm ferrule optical contact cleaner.  This easy to use, one-click action pen will effectively clean a variety of contaminates with a simple push action.  Just 1 click and you're all done.  Works on APC & UPC fiber cable connections.

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DescriptionFiber Optic Cleaning Accessory
Product TypeFiber Optic Cleaning Pen
ComplianceFiber Optic Cleaning Pen: Compliant Eu/95/2002/EC Directive (RoHS)
WarrantyLifetime - All FiberCablesDirect products come with a lifetime warranty. If it stops working when it shouldn't, we'll replace it free.
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2 Pack - Try our easy-to-use, One-Click, LC/MU 1.25mm Fiber Optic Cleaner on your fiber connections (Both APC and UPC).  Each of these disposable fiber cleaning pens come with enough densely stranded micro fiber to clean 800+ connector tips.  This pen is a must for any fiber optic network technician, installer, engineer or IT manager. 


With an easy pushing motion, the micro fiber cleaning tip rotates a 180 degrees to effectively wipe clean a variety of contaminates.   And with an extendable tip, you can easily reach recessed fiber connectors.  Just push until you hear the 'Click', and your cable is connection is clean.   


Made with an anti static resin, this while & green applicator was designed for many applications, including fiber assemblies, switchers, servers, panels, labs, and more.   Each package includes 2 x Compliant Eu/95/2002/EC Directive (RoHS) 1.25mm LC/MU Cleaning Pen.




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