OM3 MTP/MPO LC 8 Fiber Breakout Cable 10G Multi-Fiber Fanout

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8 Fiber MTP®/MPO Breakout Cable: OM3 MPO to 8xLC Simplex fiber breakout assembly. OFNP Plenum Rated, MPO/MTP multi-fiber, high density, connection distributes to 8 Simplex LC fiber connectors, each with 2.0mm, aqua colored, jacket. Ceramic ferrule LC fiber optic connectors terminated to Corning OM3 50/125, Laser-Optimized Multimode Fiber (LOMMF), 10Gb Rated Fiber Cores.


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OM3 MPO/MTP® to LC 8 Multi-fiber distribution breakout assembly, OFNP Plenum Rated, 10Gb Multimode 50/125 Corning optical fiber cores/cladding.  Connector 1 is terminated with a MTP® Compatible MPO multi-fiber push-on style contact connection.  Connector 2 in terminated with 8, ceramic ferrule, LC style fiber optic cable connectors.  Lc Simplex contacts have a 1.25mm ceramic ferrule for optimal fiber core alignment and reliable connectivity in a small form factor housing that's compact and easy to manage in high density cable environments.  Having 8 individual LC Simplex connectors is the equivalent of 4 Duplex fiber connectors.  A MPO/MTP multi-fiber connector has 8 x 50/125 fiber cores that breakout into 8 individual simplex fiber patch cords at the other end of the 8 fiber distribution assembly.  Each Aqua colored, 18 inch, Simplex breakout cord has a 2.0mm outer diameter jacket free from electromagnetic interference. 


Each fiber optic cable assembly ordered from FiberCablesDirect is individually tested and bagged with test results inside. We also provide a Lifetime warranty on all our products.  Orders for Om3 MPO to LC 8 Fiber breakout/fanout cables above 35 meters may require an additional 1 to 2 days to ship depending on the quantity ordered. However, most orders ship within 24 hours or less.

Description: OM3 MTP/MPO to LC Fiber Optic Distribution Cable
Type: 8 Fiber OM3 Multimode Breakout/Fan-out Cable
Technology: Laser Optimized Fiber Optic
Connector 1: MTP®/MPO (male) 8 Fiber Connector (no pins)
Connector 2: 8 LC (male) Ceramic Ferrule Fiber Optic Connectors
Core / Cladding: 10Gbps 50/125µm Multimode OM3 Corning Optical Core/Cladding 
Strands: 8 Strand (8 Fiber)
Network Speed: 10Gbps
Attenuation: 850 nm: 3.5 dB/km or at 1300 nm: 1.0 dB/km
Jacketing: OFNP Plenum Rated
Jacket Color: Aqua
Applications: Gigabit Ethernet, Fiber Channel and OIF
Environment: Operating Temperature: -20°C to +70°C
Standards: Attenuation tested in accordance with ANSI/TIA/EIA-455-171-A- 2001
Compliance: RoHS
Quality Control: Fully tested by qualified technicians and test results shipped with product.
Warranty: This MTP/MPO to 8xLC breakout cable comes with a Lifetime warranty. 

Lengths available in our online catalog for Om3 MTP/MPO to 8xLC fiber breakouts: 0.5 Meter, 1 Meter, 2 Meter, 3 Meter, 4 Meter, 5 Meter, 6 Meter, 7 Meter, 8 Meter, 9 Meter, 10 Meter, 12 Meter, 15 Meter, 20 Meter, 25 Meter, 30 Meter, 35 Meter, 40 Meter, 45 Meter, 50 Meter, 55 Meter, 60 Meter, 65 Meter, 70 Meter, 75 Meter, 80 Meter, 85 Meter, 90 Meter, 95 Meter, 100 Meter, 125 Meter, 150 Meter, 200 Meter, 250 Meter, and 300 Meter. 

500 Items

Data sheet

MTP® Compatible MPO Connector - MTP® (Multi-fiber Termination Push-on), is a registered trademark of US Conec.
MPO 8 Fiber Breakout Cable | OM3 Multi-Fiber 10Gb Multimode 50/125 Fiber Optic Cable
Product Type
MPO/MTP Fiber Optic Breakout Cable
Cable Type
Male to Male Pre-terminated Fiber Optic Jumpers / Fibre Network Patch Cables
Connector Type
MPO Fiber Connector to LC Simplex Breakout Connectors
MPO/MTP Female (no pins) to 8 x LC Male Fiber Optic Connectors
Connector 1
MTP/MPO - 8 Strand Multi-fiber Female Connector in a Single Push-On Enclosure (no pins)
Polish Connector 1
UPC (Ultra Physical Contact)
Connector 2
8 LC Simplex, 1.25mm form factor, ceramic ferrule, connectors.
Polish Connector 2
UPC (Ultra Physical Contact)
Max Connector Loss
0.50 dB
Typical Connector Loss
0.30 dB
Typical Return Loss
-25 dB
Optical Mode Type
OM3 Laser Optimized Multimode Fiber (LOMMF) - 50/125um core/cladding | 100G GbE 100GBase-SR10 100m, 40G GbE 40Gbase eSR4 QSFP+ 330m, 40G GbE 40GBase-SR4 100m, 10G GbE 10GBase-SR 300m, 1G GbE 1GBase-SX 550m (w/mode-conditioning).
Core / Cladding
50/125µm - 50 micron diameter fiber core / 125 micron diameter cladding (1 micron is 1 one-millionth/1 meter)
Core Material
Corning Optical Fiber - Corning invented low-loss, high bandwidth, optical fiber and continues to deliver innovative glass solutions for fiber optic cables.
Mode Type
Multimode - Used for high speed fiber optic networking applications in buildings, datacenters, telecommunications, etc, also referred to as MM, MMode
Laser-Optimized Multimode Fiber (LOMMF)
1Gb Ethernet Dist
OM3 Distance is 1000 Meters at 850 nm / 600 Meters at 1310 nm
10Gb Ethernet Dist
OM3 Distance is 300 Meters at 850 nm / 300 Meters at 1310 nm
OM3 GbE Laser Optimized Fiber - 1500MHz-km @ 850nm, 2000MHz-km @ 1300nm | Optimized for VCSELS (vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers).
Strand Count
8 Fiber Strands
Jacket Color
Aqua - This is the standard jacket color for OM3/OM4 multimode fiber jumper cords / fiber patch cables.
Jacket Material
Plenum-rated (OFNP)
UL Rating:
OFNP (Optical fiber, nonconductive, plenum) - Certified for use in plenum applications
ROHS Compliant
Length Options
0.5-Mtr 1-Mtr 2-Mtr 3-Mtr 4-Mtr 5-Mtr 6-Mtr 7-Mtr 8-Mtr 9-Mtr 10-Mtr 12-Mtr 15-Mtr 20-Mtr 25-Mtr 30-Mtr 35-Mtr 40-Mtr 45-Mtr 50-Mtr 55-Mtr 60-Mtr 65- Mtr 70-Mtr 75-Mtr 80-Mtr 85-Mtr 90-Mtr 95-Mtr 100-Mtr 125-Mtr 150-Mtr 200-Mtr 250-Mtr 300-Mtr
Quality Control
Fully inspected and tested in accordance with ANSI/TIA/EIA-455-171-A- 2001 attenuation standards by a qualified fiber optic technician.
Lifetime - All FiberCablesDirect products come with a lifetime warranty. If it stops working when it shouldn't, we'll replace it free.
Current Specials
Free Shipping / Same Day Shipping available on fiber optic patch cable orders
Storage Temperature
-40° C to + 70° C
Operating Temperature
-20° C to + 70° C

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