OS2 LC LC Fiber Patch Cable | AnyAngle Plenum DX 9/125 Singlemode


OS2 LC LC AnyAngle Fiber Patch Cables | Plenum Duplex Single-Mode Fiber Jumper with Corning 9/125um core/cladding.  AnyAngle flexible boot bends and stays in any direction up to 90 degrees. Plenum OFNP, water and UV resistant, yellow, 2.0mm fiber patch cable.  Reliable 1/10/40/100 Gigabit Singlemode cable that comes pre-terminated with 1.25mm sff ceramic ferrule LC connectors.

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DescriptionAnyAngle Singlemode Fiber Patch Cable | 1/10/100Gb 9/125 OS2 Flexible Boot Jumper
Product TypePlenum OFNP Fiber Optic Patch Cable
Cable TypeMale to Male Pre-terminated Fiber Optic Jumpers / Fibre Network Patch Cables
TerminationLC to LC Fiber Optic Cable
Polish TypeUPC
Connector 1AnyAngle LC Duplex 1.25mm Ceramic Ferrule Connector With Flexible Boot
Polish Connector 1UPC (Ultra Physical Contact)
Connector 2AnyAngle LC Duplex 1.25mm Ceramic Ferrule Connector With Flexible Boot
Polish Connector 2UPC (Ultra Physical Contact)
Max Connector Loss0.50 dB
Typical Connector Loss0.30 dB
Typical Return Loss-55 dB
Optical Mode TypeOS2 (9/125 Singlemode) - 9 micron core, 125 micron cladding. 10 Gigabit speed from 5-10km at 1310nm and 30-40km at 1550nm.
Core / Cladding9/125µm - Singlemode fiber optic cable has a 9 micron diameter fiber core and a 125 micron diameter cladding (1 micron is 1 one-millionth/1 meter)
Core MaterialCorning Optical Fiber - Corning invented low-loss, high bandwidth, optical fiber and continues to deliver innovative glass solutions for fiber optic cables.
Mode TypeSinglemode – 9/125 Singlemode OS2 Fiber Cable is used for high speed fiber optic networking, excellent for retaining light pulse fidelity over long distances, high bandwidth.
Strand Count2 Fiber Strands
Jacket ColorYellow - This is the standard jacket color for single-mode fiber optic jumper cords / patch cables.
Jacket MaterialPlenum-rated (OFNP)
Jacket OD2.0mm Outer Diameter Jacket
UL Rating:OFNP (Optical fiber, nonconductive, plenum) - Certified for use in plenum applications
ComplianceROHS Compliant
Length Options15 Length Options 1 Meter to 30 Meter
Quality ControlFully inspected and tested in accordance with ANSI/TIA/EIA-455-171-A- 2001 attenuation standards by a qualified fiber optic technician.
WarrantyLifetime - All FiberCablesDirect products come with a lifetime warranty. If it stops working when it shouldn't, we'll replace it free.
Current SpecialsFree Shipping / Same Day Shipping available on fiber optic patch cable orders

Singlemode LC LC Fiber Patch Cable | 10Gb AnyAngle Plenum OS2 Duplex Corning 9/125 Jumper Cord. Accelerate network performance and make installation a breeze with the AnyAngle boot, 10 Gigabit reach, duplex 9/125um Singlemode fiber patch cable.  Assembled with a yellow, OFNP (plenum rated), 2.0mm jacket that is fire retardant, immune to electrical interference and has an operating temperature range between -20°C and +60°C.  AnyAngle flexible boot offers a wide range of installation options in tight places.  The boot will bend in any direction and stay up to a 90 degree angle.  This space saving SMF cable comes pre-terminated with small form factor (sff), 1.25mm ceramic ferrule, LC connectors (including pre-installed duplex lc clips) with connector insertion/return loss as follows:

  • Maximum Insertion Loss: 0.50 dB
  • Typical Insertion Loss: 0.30 dB
  • Typical Return Loss -55 dB

Engineered for flexible, reliable, long-distance, Gigabit Ethernet connectivity between buildings, switches, servers, work stations, sfp+ transceivers, media converters, patch panels, and other SMF optical equipment. Ethernet interface types for 1Gb 10Gb 40Gb and 100Gb (Max Range: 2km/80km @ 1310nm/1550nm):

  • Fast Ethernet - 100BASE-FX 
  • 1G Ethernet - 1000BASE-SX, LX, EX, ZX, LH
  • 10G Ethernet - 10GBASE-LR, SR, ER, ZR
  • 40G Ethernet - 40GBASE-LR4, ER4
  • 100G Ethernet - 100GBASE-LR4, ER4, CWDM4

Every fiber optic patch cable FiberCablesDirect ships is individually tested in accordance with ANSI/TIA/EIA-455-171-A- 2001 attenuation standards by a qualified fiber optic technician and carefully packaged with test results. We provide 15 popular length options in our online catalogs between 1 and 30 meters that can ship the same day. Expedited Next Day, 2 Day, 3 Day, Ground and other delivery options available from USPS and UPS. FedEx service options also available for international orders.

We do it right with quality products, superior packaging and fast delivery anywhere in the world.

ImagePriceReferenceCombination nameAvailabilityAdd to cart
- $19.95 Tax excl.FCDUS407v11687Length: 1 MeterIn Stock [-] [+]
- $20.45 Tax excl.FCDUS407v11688Length: 2 MeterIn Stock [-] [+]
- $20.95 Tax excl.FCDUS407v11689Length: 3 Meter1 week lead time [-] [+]
- $21.45 Tax excl.FCDUS407v11690Length: 4 MeterIn Stock [-] [+]
- $21.95 Tax excl.FCDUS407v11691Length: 5 MeterIn Stock [-] [+]
- $22.45 Tax excl.FCDUS407v11692Length: 6 MeterIn Stock [-] [+]
- $22.95 Tax excl.FCDUS407v11693Length: 7 MeterIn Stock [-] [+]
- $23.45 Tax excl.FCDUS407v11694Length: 8 MeterIn Stock [-] [+]
- $23.95 Tax excl.FCDUS407v11695Length: 9 MeterIn Stock [-] [+]
- $24.45 Tax excl.FCDUS407v11696Length: 10 MeterIn Stock [-] [+]
- $25.45 Tax excl.FCDUS407v11697Length: 12 MeterIn Stock [-] [+]
- $26.95 Tax excl.FCDUS407v11698Length: 15 MeterIn Stock [-] [+]
- $29.45 Tax excl.FCDUS407v11699Length: 20 MeterIn Stock [-] [+]
- $31.95 Tax excl.FCDUS407v11700Length: 25 MeterIn Stock [-] [+]
- $34.45 Tax excl.FCDUS407v11715Length: 30 MeterIn Stock [-] [+]
- $19.49 Tax excl.FCDUS407v11751Length: 0.5 MeterIn Stock [-] [+]

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