OM4 LC-ST Bend Insensitive 50/125 Multimode DX Fiber Cable


OM4 LC to ST Bend Insensitive 40/100Gb 50/125 Multimode Duplex Laser Optimized fiber optic cable with ceramic LC and stainless steel ST ferrule connectors. A high bandwidth 50um, multimode fiber jumper allowing extended reach upwards of 550 meters at 100 Gb/s for ultra-long building backbones. An aqua colored, zip-cord fiber optic patch cord with 2.0mm O.D. ,LSZH, OFNR jacket.

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Description10/40/100Gb Multimode 50/125 Duplex Fiber Optic Patch Cable / OM4 Fiber Jumper Cord
Product TypeFiber Optic
Cable TypeMale to Male Pre-Terminated, Bend Insensitive Fiber Optic Jumpers / Fibre Network Patch Cables
TerminationLC to ST Fiber Optic Cable
Connector 1LC Duplex, 1.25mm form factor connector, ceramic ferrule.
Polish Connector 1UPC (Ultra Physical Contact)
Connector 2ST Duplex, a long cylindrical, spring loaded connector with 2.5 mm ferrule.
Polish Connector 2UPC (Ultra Physical Contact)
Max Connector Loss0.50 dB
Typical Connector Loss0.30 dB
Typical Return Loss-25 dB
Optical Mode TypeOM4 (Multimode) - 50 micron core, 125 micron cladding with 550 meter rated glass at 100Gb
Core / Cladding50/125µm - 50 micron diameter fiber core / 125 micron diameter cladding (1 micron is 1 one-millionth/1 meter)
Core MaterialCorning Optical Fiber - Corning invented low-loss, high bandwidth, optical fiber and continues to deliver innovative glass solutions for fiber optic cables.
Mode TypeMultimode - Used for high speed fiber optic networking applications in buildings, datacenters, telecommunications, etc, also referred to as MM, MMode
TechnologyBend Insensitive / Laser-Optimized Multimode Fiber (LOMMF)
Network Speed10 Gb/s, 40 Gb/s, and 100 Gb/s Transmission (OM4)
1Gb Ethernet DistOM4 Distance is 1040 Meters at 850nm / 600 Meters at 1310nm.
10Gb Ethernet DistOM4 Distance is 550 Meters at 850 nm / 300 Meters at 1310 nm
Bandwidth3600/500 MHz-km @850/1300 nm (OM4 - Optimized for 850nm VCSELs / higher speed)
Strand Count2 Fiber Strands
Jacket ColorAqua - This is the standard jacket color for these multimode fiber jumper cords / fiber patch cables.
Jacket MaterialLow Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH / LS0H)
Jacket OD2.0mm Outer Diameter Jacket
UL Rating:OFNR (Optical fiber, nonconductive, riser) - Certified for use in riser, backbone, fiber only applications, riser rated for vertical runs
ComplianceTAA Compliant
Length Options0.5-Mtr 1-Mtr 2-Mtr 3-Mtr 4-Mtr 5-Mtr 6-Mtr 7-Mtr 8-Mtr 9-Mtr 10-Mtr 12-Mtr 15-Mtr 20-Mtr 25-Mtr 30-Mtr 35-Mtr 40-Mtr 45-Mtr 50-Mtr 55-Mtr 60-Mtr 65- Mtr 70-Mtr 75-Mtr 80-Mtr 85-Mtr 90-Mtr 95-Mtr 100-Mtr 125-Mtr 150-Mtr 200-Mtr 250-Mtr 300-Mtr
Quality ControlFully inspected and tested by a qualified technician. Test results bagged and shipped with product.
WarrantyLifetime - All FiberCablesDirect products come with a lifetime warranty. If it stops working when it shouldn't, we'll replace it free.
Current SpecialsFree Shipping / Same Day Shipping available on fiber optic patch cable orders

OM4 LC to ST Bend Insensitive 40/100Gb 50/125 Multimode Duplex Fiber Optic Cable. Accelerate your network performance and accommodate tight bend environments with the Bend Insensitive OM4 Laser-Optimized Fiber Optic Patch Cable.

A clean fiber optic cable installation starts with being able to put the cable exactly where you want it. A durable cable that’s flame retardant, uv resistant, immune to electrical interference and is riser rated (OFNR). This 40/100Gb OM4 50/125 multimode duplex fiber optic cable features Corning Optical Fiber that delivers data lightning fast and a durable zip cord for increased reliability. No matter the requirement, the bend insensitive cable will make your installation faster, cleaner, and more reliable. You’ll never want to use anything else.

This Bend Insensitive, aqua colored, 2.0mm outer diameter duplex fiber cable is terminated with small form factor 1.25mm LC ceramic ferrule connector and 2.5mm ST stainless steel ferrule connector with easy to grab clips. TAA Compliant and designed for 40GBase-SR4 and 100GBase-SR10 ports and equipment. Supports high speed 10/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel and OIF applications.

Put this Bend Insensitive, high bandwidth, OM4 fiber cable exactly where you want to without fear of bend damage.

Each multimode (MM) fiber optic patch cable is individually tested by a qualified fiber optic technician then bagged and shipped with test results to your door. Cables over 35 meters may require an additional 1-2 days to ship.



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$17.95 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11583Length: 0.5 Meter415In stock [-] [+]
$16.59 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11584Length: 2 Meter389In stock [-] [+]
$18.29 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11585Length: 3 Meter405In stock [-] [+]
$19.95 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11586Length: 4 Meter367In stock [-] [+]
$21.59 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11587Length: 5 Meter399In stock [-] [+]
$23.19 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11588Length: 6 Meter407In stock [-] [+]
$24.89 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11589Length: 7 Meter375In stock [-] [+]
$26.59 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11590Length: 8 Meter381In stock [-] [+]
$28.19 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11591Length: 9 Meter400In stock [-] [+]
$29.95 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11592Length: 10 Meter399In stock [-] [+]
$35.89 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11593Length: 12 Meter382In stock [-] [+]
$41.89 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11594Length: 14 Meter366In stock [-] [+]
$44.89 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11595Length: 15 Meter409In stock [-] [+]
$59.79 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11596Length: 20 Meter415In stock [-] [+]
$69.95 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11597Length: 25 Meter387In stock [-] [+]
$81.45 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11598Length: 30 Meter376In stock [-] [+]
$91.95 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11599Length: 35 Meter406In stock [-] [+]
$99.95 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11600Length: 40 Meter398In stock [-] [+]
$113.59 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11601Length: 45 Meter390In stock [-] [+]
$124.45 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11602Length: 50 Meter369In stock [-] [+]
$145.95 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11603Length: 60 Meter384In stock [-] [+]
$167.45 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11604Length: 70 Meter392In stock [-] [+]
$188.95 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11605Length: 80 Meter407In stock [-] [+]
$199.95 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11606Length: 85 Meter410In stock [-] [+]
$209.95 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11607Length: 90 Meter416In stock [-] [+]
$229.95 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11608Length: 100 Meter370In stock [-] [+]
$259.95 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11609Length: 115 Meter366In stock [-] [+]
$288.70 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11610Length: 125 Meter379In stock [-] [+]
$134.95 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11611Length: 55 Meter382In stock [-] [+]
$155.95 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11612Length: 65 Meter392In stock [-] [+]
$178.19 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11613Length: 75 Meter400In stock [-] [+]
$219.95 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11614Length: 95 Meter381In stock [-] [+]
$329.45 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11615Length: 150 Meter377In stock [-] [+]
$426.95 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11616Length: 200 Meter393In stock [-] [+]
$524.45 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11617Length: 250 Meter399In stock [-] [+]
$621.95 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11618Length: 300 Meter368In stock [-] [+]
$14.95 Tax excl.FCDUS400v11619Length: 1 Meter402In stock [-] [+]

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