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SimpleGrip Fiber Cable Pulling Eye Hook

Price $11.95

SimpleGrip Fiber Cable Pulling Eye | Ideal for installing pre-terminated fiber cables through conduit and inside walls.  The SimpleGrip is tough, easy to use, and helps protect optical cables that can be easily damaged during installation.  Equipped with a stainless steel swivel end that minimizes cable twisting, mesh netting for connector protection and includes electrical tape.

Smart Click SC, ST & FC Fiber Optic Cleaner

Price $24.95

Single action system SC Fiber Optic Cleaner with 2.5mm adapter cap for cleaning ST and FC mounted fiber connectors.  This easy to use, one click action pen will effectively clean a variety of contaminates with a simple push action.  Just 1 click and your fiber cable is clean.  Works on APC & UPC fiber cable connections.

Spotless II Fiber Optic Cleaner for LC SC ST FC...

Price $29.95

Spotless II Fiber Optic Connector Cleaning Box with over 500 cleanings.  Designed to clean the fiber core tip in LC, SC, ST, FC, MU & MPO type fiber optic cable connectors.  This easy to use, long lasting, single click action fiber tip cleaner is an essential accessory to maintain the highest quality fiber contact. Non-alcohol, high fiber count tape effectively cleans a variety of contaminates.