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  • OM4 LC ST Plenum Duplex Fiber Patch Cable 40/100Gb Multimode 50/125.  OFNP multimode fiber jumper assembly with self-extinguishing, flame retardant, UV resistant, plenum rated, aqua jacket, 50um Corning fiber core, zip-cord reinforced jumper cord, small form factor 1.25mm ceramic ferrule LC duplex and stainless steel ferrule ST duplex terminations.

  • OS2 LC to ST 9/125 Single-mode Duplex Fiber Optic Patch Cables, manufactured with the highest quality Corning optical fiber glass and terminated with SFF 1.25mm LC and stainless steel ST connectors.  Industry standard yellow PVC SM jacket with a 2.0mm outer diameter, zip-cord reinforced and OFNR riser rated.

  • OS2 LC ST Indoor/Outdoor Duplex Fiber Patch Cables, 9/125 Singlemode optical fiber jumper. OFNR, TAA Compliant, Made in USA, In/Outdoor, tightly buffered fiber patch.  Flexible, water/UV resistant, rugged fiber cable with ceramic ferrule duplex LC connectors (clips not included) and duplex ST fiber optic connectors. Each fiber breakout has 18" 2.0m...

  • OS2 LC ST Plenum Duplex Fiber Patch Cable 9/125 Single Mode OFNP.  TAA, made in USA, plenum Rated, Self Extinguishing, Corning Singlemode fiber core, yellow 2.0mm jacketed duplex assembly, small form factor 1.25mm ceramic ferrule duplex LC fiber connector (w/ duplex lc clips) and duplex ST fiber Connectors.

Showing 13 - 16 of 16 items
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